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Teppanyaki (Kobe Beef Steak & Seafood)

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  • Discover our menu in July

    In this season when hydrangeas glisten with water droplets and stand out against the rainy sky, Seryna offers specialties such as Amakusa pike conger with plum sauce, Ggrilled white eel, Grilled creamy eggplant, Steamed abalone and summer vegetables Chawanmushi, and Stir-fried chicken with bitter melon and mustard.
    At Mon cher ton ton, enjoy Summer vegetable terrine with consommé jelly, Vichyssoise, Teppan-grilled
    eggplant and figs with summer truffle, bringing you the refreshing tastes of the season as we eagerly await the end of the rainy period.

    Seryna Roppongi | Mon cher ton ton

  • Summer Specials

    Summer Special Dinners available in May at Mon cher ton ton for 31,900 yen.
    ■Roppongi: Tuna carpaccio and conger pike with plum sauce, Teppan-grilled seabass, Teppan-grilled lobster, Wagyu prime sirloin, Fried rice with summer truffle and more.
    ■HIBIYA: Sea bass carpaccio, Today's hot dish, Teppan-grilled rock oyster, Teppan-grillded lobster, Wagyu prime sirloin, Fried rice with summer truffle and more.


  • Junmai Daiginjo SERYNA

    Niizawa Sake Brewery in Miyagi, the producer of our junmai daiginjo 'Seryna', has won 1st place in 'the World Sakagura Rankings 2023'. The 'Seryna' also received the Gold Award at the 2022 CINVE Competition and the 2022 US National Sake Appraisal. Polished to a precise 39%, it spreads a fragrance reminiscent of pine and muscat, accompanied by a gentle sweetness. With fresh acidity and crispness, it pairs well with any dish, making it an ideal choice for a dining sake.
    Available at each store of Seryna and Mon cher ton ton by the glass or bottle.


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    With more than half a century of history.

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