Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Please note the followings before making a reservation at Seryna and Mon cher ton ton.

● It may not always be possible for us to meet your seating requests.

● Please call each store directly for reservations of big parties, or the last-minute reservations.

● Late arrivals may be cancelled. Please let us know beforehand if you are going to be more than 30 minutes late.

● In case of No-show, 5,500 yen for lunch time and 11,000 yen for dinner time (per person, tax included) will be charged as cancellation fee.

We may be charge these cancellation fee depending on the situation, such as cancellation made just before the reservation time or large-group cancellation on the day.
However, this will not be applied when it is difficult to reach us due to natural disasters or extreme weather.

Store Map

Luxury time with prime location in the city.

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