Why people love Seryna : 4

Flawless Japanese hospitality

We want to see you smile

Seryna has been driven by the desire to make people smile from its earliest beginnings. That’s what takes us to the ends of the earth to please our guests. When faced with a challenge too demanding for an ordinary restaurateur, we put our heads together to satisfy. The finest food and warmest hospitality come from our desire to make you smile.

Seryna-ism: 55 years of inherited etiquette

We aren’t like other premier Japanese restaurants or three-star hotels. At Seryna we have our own model of customer service—a code of manners and etiquette acquired from veteran professionals who have served the restaurant exclusively for more than 40 years. We call this intangible tradition Seryna-ism. No manuals here: everything comes from the heart. Our impeccable manners are rooted in our distinguished legacy of service.

True hospitality focuses on the invisible.

Everyone works harder when the customer is watching. Seryna stands apart by working hard on things no one notices. We scrub every pot in the restaurant every day, whether it has been used or not. When we offer a guest a wet towel, we add a little twist to make it easier to handle. We envision the smiles on our guests’ faces even before we usher them to their tables. Touches like these are the elements of Seryna-ism.

Why people love Seryna

Why people love Seryna : 1

The unforgettable taste of Kobe beef


Why people love Seryna : 2

Extravagant shabu-shabu with giant crabs


Why people love Seryna : 3

Savor the seasons with vibrant Japanese food.


Why people love Seryna : 5

Elegant moments of relaxation

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