Why people love Seryna : 1

The unforgettable taste of Kobe beef

First class Kobe beef with a flawless pedigree

The Kobe beef we serve consistently wins the highest awards at the competitions held by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association. According to industry standards, the meat always ranks A5 and achieves a Beef Marbling value of at least 11 out of 12. Seryna chefs take the utmost care to ensure quality by confirming the pedigree of every cut they procure. Diners who know and love Kobe beef can expect the very best.

Perfect deliciousness with zero off-flavors

A flawless flavor free from the raw notes and toughness typical of less-than-perfect meats. The delightful flavors would be unattainable without the world-class-quality fat in Seryna’s Kobe beef. The quality of the fat explains the marvelous sensations that build on the palate seconds after you take a bite. The meat spreads deliciousness as it melts in the mouth and dissipates cleanly, untouched by ordinary flavors or aftertastes.

Legendary sauces that make the greatest even greater

Since the founding of Seryna, only a select few chefs have been allowed to make our custom sesame sauce. The secret recipe for the sauce blends together over 30 different herbs and spices. Another popular favorite from Seryna is our tart, refreshing ponzu sauce. These two, together with our spicy, invigorating chili spring onion sauce, exalt our premium Kobe beef beyond mere excellence.

Why people love Seryna

Why people love Seryna : 2

Extravagant shabu-shabu with giant crabs


Why people love Seryna : 3

Savor the seasons with vibrant Japanese food.


Why people love Seryna : 4

Flawless Japanese hospitality


Why people love Seryna : 5

Elegant moments of relaxation

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