Why people love Seryna : 3

Savor the seasons with vibrant Japanese food.

Flavors of the season captured in seafood and vegetables

The Japanese food at Seryna is a medley of seasonal foods carefully selected from all over the country. Our monthly special menus are lavish with the prime foods of the season. In March, for example, guests can enjoy delights such as skipjack tuna, firefly squid, blackthroat seaperch, broadbanded thornyhead, orient clams, new potatoes, Kujo scallions, broad beans, and bamboo shoots. Only the highest-quality seasonal foods are served.

Beauty in simplicity

When it comes to bringing out the full flavor of a food, simple is always best. We use the bare minimum of seasoning in the belief that each food should speak for itself. Our temperate approach, unadorned by fancy touches, is even a point of pride. The “simple is best” principle also breathes through our choice of plates and garnishes to doubly assure our guests the beauty of simplicity.

55 years of flavorsome goodness

Sablefish grilled Kyoto-style. Crispy crab fried in the shell. Crab salad. Regular customers of Seryna have loved these staple dishes since the founding of the restaurant 55 years ago. The taste, an assortment of universal flavors born from our unstinting approach to the culinary profession, has stayed the same from the very beginning. Be sure to try an appetizer. One or two bites are enough to understand why Seryna’s appetizers are every bit as popular as its shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.

Why people love Seryna

Why people love Seryna : 1

The unforgettable taste of Kobe beef


Why people love Seryna : 2

Extravagant shabu-shabu with giant crabs


Why people love Seryna : 4

Flawless Japanese hospitality


Why people love Seryna : 5

Elegant moments of relaxation

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