Why people love Seryna : 2

Extravagant shabu-shabu with giant crabs

Giant crab legs boldly prepared

Tender crab meat fills the mouth with a dense but gentle sweetness. To make the most of the flavor, try crabmeat prepared in a shabu-shabu style from the four largest legs of the giant snow crab. An extravagant Seryna specialty that fills the belly while pleasing the eye.

The sweetness and richness of crabs in one heavenly sauce

When people describe Seryna’s crab sauce, they sometimes tell us “It’s good enough to drink.” Drinkability is only natural for a vinegary crab sauce made from crab torso broth replete with a sweetness and richness all of its own. This sauce is one of the main attractions for the guests who come to Seryna for crabmeat. Whether paired with snow crabs or hairy crabs, the sauce will bring out the best of the crabmeat flavor.

The freshness of just-caught snow crabs

When snow crabs such as the Echizen and Matsuba varieties are in season, fishermen cook them right on the beach and sell them to Seryna for the next day’s menu. Compared to the giant crabs used for shabu-shabu, snow crabs have a juicier texture and more delicate flavors. Remember to dip them in our exclusive vinegary crab sauce for a double dose of snow crab goodness.

Why people love Seryna

Why people love Seryna : 1

The unforgettable taste of Kobe beef


Why people love Seryna : 3

Savor the seasons with vibrant Japanese food.


Why people love Seryna : 4

Flawless Japanese hospitality


Why people love Seryna : 5

Elegant moments of relaxation

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