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Our company’ s resturants

Thank you for using SERYNA.

Unfortunately, unauthorized use of our trademark and corporate name, “SERYNA” by another parties, use of identical or similar trademark has been reported frequently. Based on these reports, we confirmed that in Asian countries, there are some restaurants using the same logo, mark and character style as ours without permission.

Our company’ s resturants are as follows;

Roppongi branch and head office (Seryna Honten / Mon Cher ton ton)
Shinjuku branch(SHinjuku Seryna Honkan / Shinjuku Mon Cher ton ton)
Ginza branch(Ginza Seryna)

Even if you find restaurants using identical or similar trademark except above described restaurants, please acknowledge that we don’t have any relationship with these restaurants.

We look forward to serving you.

SERYNA Co., Ltd.