Notification about the renovation work at Shinjuku branch


Currently, Shinjuku Sumitomo Building is under construction for a remodeling project.
You can enter the building from the main entrance on the 1F only.
The former entrance on the 2F and the B1 is closed and the carriage porch has been moved to on the B3.
The nearest exit from the Oedo subway line is exit “A2” for now due to this renovation work, .

Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your kind understanding.

It is hard to find the entrance of the building now.
Please see pictures below for the building entrance.

By car

The entrance for the car park is marked by a fence but you can use it as usual.
Please refer the video and pictures about the car park.

Watch the video file


Entrance to the car park
car entrance 1

car entrance 2

car entrance4

car entrance 5

By walk

The entrance is on the 1st floor. The former entrance on the 2F and the B1 is closed.
Please use the temporary stairs to the 1st floor entrance.


1st floor building entrance


Temporary stairs to 1st floor entrance


Temporary stairs to upstairs


Also, please see the official website of Shinjuku Sumitomo Building for the route guidance.
Shinjuku Sumitomo Building

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